At Home With Nature

Gardening really helps me get in touch with nature. But taking things a step further, gardening with plants that are well-suited to our climate, incorporating native species, and allowing insects to be part of the project all bring even more moments of delight and nature connection into our gardening endeavors!

Growing Food Indoors

Taking a natural approach to cooking for me means using seasonally available foods, growing as much of my own food as possible, and following a diet that is well-adapted to my gut’s needs – something that for me has changed over time.

Low Oxalate Recipes

Low Salicylate Recipes

When it comes to the changing seasons, I find great benefit in adapting my food, clothing, and daily routine to take advantage of what these different times of year have to offer.

Like many others, I have a damaged gut microbiome which has created a domino effect causing other health issues. To manage my symptoms and help my body heal, I follow a gluten free, corn-free, low FODMAP, low oxalate, low salicylate, and (as needed) low histamine diet. But symptom management is not enough, I’m also working on healing my gut so that I can return to a more expanded diet.

Having pets fills my home with joy, energy, restfulness, and companionship. I try to care for my furry family members with a natural approach, considering their biological dispositions, and understanding their behavior as part of their inner natures.

Creating a healthy home guided by nature takes a bit more work and forethought but is well worth the extra effort – especially since a natural approach is what I need to help with chemical sensitivities. I also find this approach more satisfying to all of my senses. And it’s also more sustainable.

Non-Toxic Furnishings & Finishes

Air Quality

Passive Heating & Cooling

Cultivating a friendly relationship with our native wildlife is imperative – these creatures need habitat and food just as much as we do, and by encouraging their presence as welcomed neighbors, I feel closer to the natural world.

Visiting Wild Lands

Living in rural Northeast Utah provides me with many opportunities to visit wild lands, allowing me to see native flora and fauna in their native habitats, to take a break from every day life, and to observe natural eco-systems in action. These moments provide me with much appreciated rejuvenation but also valuable lessons about the natural world.

Desert Hikes

Mountain Hikes