At Home With Nature

Garden to Campsite

Last year we went on a short road trip to Montana. We made sure to take some of our garden produce with us to use as we stopped over at campsites on our trip.

Taking the Garden Camping

Chad had thinned our carrot beds so we had a harvest of lots of small, adorable little carrots.


Despite my love of cooking, I’m a pretty low maintenance (aka lazy) cook.

To use these little garden veggies during our stay in Idaho, we washed them really well, and then I just threw them in the pot with some brown rice and cooked them on our trusty propane campstove.

And this was our breakfast meal, no less. Sometimes you just have to eat what feels right!


Of course sitting next to the warm campfire in the chilly early morning made our improvised carrot risotto breakfast taste even better.


Chad topped his with a fiery (but minuscule) chili pepper from the garden.


This meal made for delicious memories – and converted me to the joys of cooking with baby carrots from the garden.

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