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Prompts: Finding Perspective

Welcome back to your weekly lockdown prompt! If you didn’t see my answer to last week’s question, it’s right here.

As previously mentioned, since many people are confined to their homes at this time, I thought I would offer some prompts for those who find themselves with a bit of extra time on their hands – or just the desire to connect! My hopes are that these exercises will help us take the focus off of  our anxieties.

Lockdown Prompt #3

Finding Perspective

This is a hard time for all of us. Some of us are going through painful illnesses, some of us are losing loved ones, some of us are forced to limit our activities in ways that cause anxiety. Most of us are probably anxious for a number of reasons.

So in this difficult time, what gives you perspective?

I’m sure everyone will respond to this differently, and I really think hearing each other’s answers can be therapeutic – so I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments.

Instead of waiting until the end of the week as usual, I’m going to go ahead and answer this question.

Here’s what gives me perspective (and helps me leave my anxiety behind):


Listening to a Radiowest interview with historian Kyle Harper I learned that ancient Rome suffered through 200(!) years of plagues. This helps me look at our own situation differently. While it doesn’t lessen the personal suffering, it helps me remember that this is not a new situation – and that at least ours will not last that long.

The Night Sky

When I step outside at night, the stars are almost always there, sometimes more spectacular than others. There’s a whole big wide universe out there, and we are just specks. Remembering our smallness within the universe always gives me comfort.


On our morning dog walk yesterday, Chad and I noticed an out of place bird in one of our pastures. I misidentified the tall white bird at first, thinking it was a heron, but Chad kindly corrected me and told me it was, in fact, an egret.


I asked if he’d ever seen one here before since I hadn’t – and turns out he hadn’t either. This surprise visitor went about its business with no regard to us, searching for tasty morsels among the low grass and stubble of the field.


These three things – history, the night sky, wildlife – all make me feel much smaller compared to the vastness of the universe, and this smallness, to me, is comforting. They make my worries seem smaller as well.

So how about you? What helps you keep perspective during this time of great anxiety?


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