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Gluten Free and Organic Bread Options


We, the gluten intolerant and celiac-afflicted really miss the taste and texture of wheat bread. Yes, there are substitutes,  but once you make your way around the gluten-free bread section of the grocery store you will notice a few things:

  1. Most gluten-free breads contain other food allergens. Those of us who are gluten intolerant are also frequently intolerant of some of these ingredients too, so eliminating these brands makes the options considerably smaller.
  2. Most gluten-free breads contain xanthan gum. While this additive doesn’t bother some, it causes gastric upset for many of us. Additional digestive upset is the last thing we need, so many of us will have to avoid these too.
  3. Most options for gluten-free bread are not organic. Overall the gluten-free product industry does not overlap with organic. Those of us who want both are usually out of luck.

With so few options for gluten-free breads that meet our stringent requirements,  learning to make our own may be the only way to get healthy bread that is also tasty.

Homemade gluten-free sourdough bread is delicious, full of beneficial flora, and since you’re in control, can be fully organic.

With a little practice, it is easy to make at home. The photos in this post show bread I made using this method. This bread is immensely satisfying and tasty in its own right. To get started making your own, first you need to make your own Gluten-free sourdough starter – I have instructions to help you with that right here.


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