At Home With Nature

Sweet sleep: Earthing

Last night I slept on my earthing sheet for the first time.

As I lay in bed with the lower part of my legs on the earthing sheet, wondering how I would feel in the morning, I noticed some slight tingling in my legs. Not unpleasant at all, and very subtle.

And that is all I had time to notice. I woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in – flat on my back, a towel around my (now mostly dry) hair, feet and calves still on the earthing sheet.

How did I feel? Good! It felt like Christmas morning! I was full of energy and anticipation! Better than that, I awoke without my usual throbbing lower back pain that causes me to toss and turn until I find a semi-comfortable position or get out of bed in frustration.

I got up and had to look at myself in the mirror to see if the effects were visible. A very slight smile showing evidence of relaxation! Good sign!


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