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Salicylate Sensitivity Resources

Here are some resources that I depend on or have used to assist me with salicylate sensitivity. I will update as I find new resources.

Food Lists

Low Sal Life’s compilation of salicylate levels in foods, taken from research papers

RPAH List – available via Salicylate Sensitivity FB group


Food Can Make You Ill

Low Sal Life


The Salicylate Handbook – Sharla Race

Beyond the Salicylate Handbook – Sharla Race

Friendly Food – Rob Loblay

Food Intolerance Handbook – Volume 1 – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH)

Food Intolerance Handbook – Volume 2 – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH)

Forums / Groups

Salicylate Sensitivity Group on FB


My list of safe low sal and cellulose free supplements


Salicylates and Climate

Increasing level of abiotic and biotic stress on Kinnow fruit quality at different ecological zones in climate change scenario

Adaptive Response of a Native Mediterranean Grapevine Cultivar Upon Short-Term Exposure to Drought and Heat Stress in the Context of Climate Change

Effect of climate change on phytochemical diversity, total phenolic content and in vitro antioxidant activity of Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.

Responses of growth and leaf phenolics in European aspen (Populus tremula) to climate change during juvenile phase change

Salicylate Content of Foods

Naturally occurring dietary salicylates: A closer look at common Australian foods

Baking Soda to Detox Salicylates

The Use of Sodium Bicarbonate in Medical Toxicology

Salicylates and Hypoglycemia

Salicylates as Hypoglycemic Agents

Salicylate Toxicity Symptoms

Salicylate Toxicity Treatment