At Home With Nature


When I look for a reoccurring theme in my life, it’s easy for me to see it – it’s that nature heals all wounds. I’m reminded of this again and again on a personal level, so it has become my life’s quest, so to speak, to explore this subject.

Seeking the Nurture in Nature

And when I say “nature” I mean both the beautiful wild outdoors, as well as simple interactions with the plants and animals we live among, and even our inner natures – our ancestries, biologies, and microbiotic workings.

Although we are very much a part of nature ourselves, we often forget (or deny) this fact.

Healing Our Nature Disconnect

I believe that much of the suffering in the world today stems from this disconnect: we eat foods that don’t nourish us, live in homes that don’t protect our health, and have tragically come to see ourselves as separate from the soil, trees, birds, and bees.

I have personally saved my health many times thanks to nature’s healing modalities and am grateful for the well-being that cooking, gardening, and exploring the wilds provide me. Here’s my story.

My job here is to offer you suggestions on ways to repair these nature disconnects, and hopefully, nudge you gently towards improved health, wellness, and – who knows – maybe even joy and delight!