At Home With Nature

Celebrating Optimism for My Health Journey

As the year comes to an end and a new one begins, there are a lot of things for me to celebrate – the gradual return of light as the days grow longer, a new garden to plan and new seed varieties to purchase, and on a very personal note, an optimistic outlook for my health journey.

I finally took time to sit down and write today and that last point is what I chose to write about.

You can read about that journey right here, on a page that I will update as needed.

The lesson I take away from writing this story is that whenever a problem seems like a dead end, it’s important to think creatively, to make new paths out of that dead end, whatever it may be.

Wishing you all creative thinking to deal with whatever problems you have to surmount, as well as moments of insight and reflection as the calendar changes, and hopefully some immersion into the healing powers of the natural world as well.

– Kristina

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